Pascal-Frédéric St-Yves

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Pascal-Frédéric St-YvesPascal-Frédéric St-Yves

recorders, Baroque flute

Dazzling multi-instrumentalist, Pascal-Frédéric St-Yves has carved himself a choice niche in Quebec’s music scene. He is a founding member of both the ensembles Purgatoire, with whom he explores new avenues in the interpretation of music from oral traditions, and La Cigale and is also a long standing member of the highly regarded Ensemble Claude Gervaise.

Recent external projects have allowed him to exploit all the colours of his “multi-instrumental” pallet, ranging from the Jew’s harp to Irish and Renaissance bagpipes, passing through krumhorn, shawm and hautbois de poitou, and not forgetting flutes.

His great passion for humanity has induced him to study shiatsu, which he has been practicing for several years both among musicians and a wider public. This marked interest for Chinese medicine adds to the authenticity and depth of his musical performances.

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